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What Would the DJ Do?

Monday mornings at 7 play "What Would The DJ Do?" for your chance to win a combo pack of a free hot McCafe from McDonalds as well as a free man's haircut from SportsClips!  We make up a situation for either Bondsy or Sarah to be in, with four possible answers of what they would do.  You've got at least a 25% of winning, and a 100% chance of laughing!


Exacto is Central Illinois' favorite radio game!  Every Tuesday at 7am we pair up 2 listeners with 2 DJs.  The DJ has to explain 10 things on a list (e.g. Things You Bring to a Party) to the listener without saying any part of the words.  The team to get the most right, or the team to get all 10 in the shortest amount of time, wins!  Things get pretty heated in the studio, so be ready!  Winner gets $10 to Quaker Steak & Lube!

What's in the Box?

Wednesday Mornings at 7am it's "What's in the Box?"  3 clues, 1 answer.  The first to guess "What's In the (Metaphorical) Box?" wins Fighting Illini Basketball tickets!  And don't forget to leave the dirty minds at home...

Are You Smarter Than a DJ?

Thursdays at 8am you can play any of the DJs.  There are four categories: Current Events, Sports, Entertainment and Potpourri.  You get it wrong and the DJ gets it right, you lose and we hang up on you.  If both get it wrong or both get it right, the game continues.  But if you get it right and the DJ gets it wrong, you win at least $10 to Quaker Steak & Lube.  Every week that we don't have a winner, the prize goes up $10!

Morning Grind Movie Minute

Friday Mornings in the 7 O'clock hour the DJs turn Actors by reenacting a scene from a well-known film.  It's always pretty easy for the listeners and pretty embarrassing for us.  First one to guess the correct answer wins $10 to Dublin Pub on Wabash!

Betcha Can't Get This

Everyday at 12 tune into the Random Play Lunch with Sarah and play Betcha Can't Get This for your chance to win a gift certificate to Twist n Swirlz, as well as some serious braggin rights!

Stark's Stolen Sound Byte

Every weekday, tune into Stark's Afternoon Party at 4p to see if you can guess the name of the movie that the soundbyte is from and win $15 worth of beauty services from Mary Hovis.

Facebook Five @ 5

Every weekday, check out Springfield's Kiss FM on Facebook and vote for your favorite of the day's 10 songs.  Just for voting, you could win a $10 Gift Certificate to Traveling Treasures!  Tune in on the drive home at 5p when Stark counts down the Top 5 Songs!

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This Week's Unique Blendz Fresh Cut of the Week

4/25 - Sarah @ Friendly Chevrolet 4-6p

4/26 - Bondsy @ Green Hyundai 10a-12p

4/26 - Stark @ Complete Nutrition 2-4p

4/26 - Ladies Night @ Marly's