This is Cnote Fodizzle, born and raised here in the Capitol city, been in radio for fifteen years, also on our sister station, Sportsradio 1450.I am 45  and married, a holder of three college degrees, an Associates in General Education from Lincoln Land Community College and two B.A's in Political Studies and Communication from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Here's my philosphy about radio, radio to me is my life its who I am as a person. Thanks for listening to 997 KISS-FM.  Check out The Morning Grind with yours truly along with  Bondsy and Sarah Savannah weekday mornings 6 to 10 and I am your 2011 Best Local Character as voted by readers in the Illinois times.                                                                                                                                                         

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In hot weather here in the heartland, one does not think about hoofin it anywhere. In this doggone heat, one would want to be in lots of air conditioning to keep cool. The last thing I wanted to do was to do any hoofin . I can understand if I was hoofin it for my customers at Steak and Shake or at the Dub, but never in my wildest dreams that I would have to hoof it from the station. I almost had to do it one but I got lucky that particular day. On the day-in- question, it was hotter than all get out and was expecting my mobile to be at the station at 10. I carried out my usual post-show routine and headed out the door and did not my mobile out on the parking lot. I then took a seat on the Neuhoff picnic table and the wait began. I was thinking my mobile was just around the corner and could hop in to get out of the searing heat. Then 10:05 came and went, no mobile. Meanwhile, I assumed it was the BNC that was picking me up but I was not told that sis took the mobile to work and was the one that was scheduled to pick me up when it came time for her break. Keep in mind that sis missed some days of work due to illness and was trying to get caught up on workstuff and skipped the usual break. It was not in sis's routine to come and pick me up on her break.... lets make that " Crystal Clear" as former President Richard Nixon used to say. Meanwhile back at the ranch, radio ranch that is, minus the swimming pools and movie stars of the Beverly Hillbillies, I was still waiting... 10:15 had come and gone and still no mobile in-sight. At this point in the game I was starting to become concerned and various scenarios started to marinate in the brain like a bill is getting paid, one of the kiddos got sick, something like that. Then, in Keeping the Faith, more than just a great song by Billy Joel, I looked around to the other side of the parking lot not seen from my vantagepoint at that time hoping the mobile was sitting there waiting for me but once again no mobile. Next time I looked at my watch it was 10:20 in the Capitol City and still no mobile. At this point, I was fed up in waiting so I decided to make the move I never thought I would have to make in my 16 years here at Neuhoff Media.... to start home hoofing it. I got up from the picnic table with my radio bag and began my journey. I made it out of the parking lot and hung a left onto 4th street and off I went. It felt weird leaving the station without my mobile but I was hoping the mobile would pull up at any point. I made it to the stop sign at 4th and Apple Orchard and looked around and still no mobile. I continued hoofing north on 4th street hoping to see my mobile but no luck. I made it all the way to the intersection of 4th and Stanford. Then I made a left onto Stanford and continued hoofing it but the walk to the overpass was most challenging due to the fact that the grass was sloped which made hoofing difficult. Just as I thought the hoofing would never end, just like a man in the desert I saw a mirage but unlike the man in the desert, mine was not a mirage but it was real. It was Bondsy on the move heading back toward the station and saw me HOOFING IT IN THE HEAT. Then he turned around and stopped to pick me up. Hoofin it in the heat was now replaced by " Hyundai Heaven". It felt good not to be hoofing and enjoy the AC of the" Bondsmobile". Then we arrived back at the apartment but the story does not end there. Once I got home, I did not have my keys with me and once I climbed the steps to get to my apartment, I jigged the handle hoping one of the kiddos would answer. With no answer I tried knocking, no luck. Then it turned into Sitting in the heat for about a half hour..... then the door opens and I walk in. The BNC was worried sick but I told her I was ok. She called sis to remind her to pick me up but with her workload, it slipped her mind, we're all human here folks. Then sis pops in and she was upset with herself but I was not mad in the least. Then the BNC and I returned sis back to work. Remember what C-Note Says: Its better to be in Hyundai Heaven than Hoofin it in the Heat.

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07/04/2012 8:25PM
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