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Once upon a time, in a land not very far away at all, this happened:
I'm 26, Born and Raised in the Patch, and have a fondness for dressing up like food, concerts and day drinking.  

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens are pretty cool.  Here's a few of my other Favorite Things...

Favorite Meal in Town
Buffalo Chicken Horseshoe Pizza from Dublin Pub / Garlic Pork from Magic Kitchen

Favorite Event in Town
Drinkin Like Lincoln Bar Crawl (I organize it so I'm a little biased) / Fat Ass 5k / St Pats...Basically anything that involves day drinking

Favorite Concert Moment
Singing "Hey Jude" with 80,000 fans along with Paul McCartney at Bonnaroo

P.S. Check out the Video I made at My 1st Bonnaroo!
(Warning: some brief language)

Favorite Book
To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Sports Team
Chicago Cubs!

Favorite TV Shows
Mad Men, Friends, Veronica Mars, New Girl, Daily Show

What I'm Playing on Repeat on my iPod

My Favorite Thing to Brag About

I made a music video for my Best Friend Becky's wedding and it was featured on the Huffington Post and shared by Florida-Georgia Line on their FB and Twitter!

When You Can Catch Me:

The Morning Grind: M-F 6-10a
The Midday Show: M-F 10a-2p
Things You Mighta Missed Show: Saturdays 6-10a




Posts from January 2014

Cats are Jerks

This video of the differences in parenting between Dogs and Cats is making the rounds.  And its hilarious. And true.  Cuz cats are jerks.


But it's not just their offspring they like to push.  It's everything.


But maybe cats do it because they know how entertaining it is.  Because this is a 25 minute long video of Vine vids of cats and it has over 6 million views.

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Oh Please, Our Interns Don't Have It That Bad...
People always say we give our interns a hard time, but at least we know their real names....kinda...Well we know them better than Conan.

However our interns don't have it as good as the interns at Google...

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Springfield Does Reddit
Lil ol' Springfield, IL made the front page of Reddit yesterday for yet another fantastic billboard from HIP Advertising!  Have you seen this one during your travels around town?

Read all the funny comments from Redditors here.
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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are My Spirit Animals
Tina and Amy hosted the Golden Globes for the 2nd time last night.  And they were perfect.  As evidenced by the opening monologue.

Still don't believe me?  It's not luck.  They were even funny LAST year when they hosted the Golden Globes for the first time.


Do you need more convincing?  Do you not remember when they were on SNL and made your dreams come true every Saturday Night?

Like Sarah Palin vs. Katie Couric:

Long story short, they're the 2 Best Friends that anyone could have.  Thank you Golden Globes, for giving us more Tina and Amy..
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Chef Boyardog
I mean, I was impressed by a dog moving the chair.  The rest just made me feel inadequate as a human being.  The dog cooks more than I do.

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This Woman Is My HERO!
A 120 lb woman devours a 72 oz steak in 3 minutes.

I got deathly ill from overfullness after eating a 9 oz filet.

What. The. Heck.

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You'll thank me later.
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V. Mars is A-Mars-Balls
If you don't know what Veronica Mars is, shame on you.  Drive down to Family Video and rent the 3 Seasons (Although I'm sure they're all checked out because everyone else knows this show is AWESOME)

It's the show that put Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) on the map, and it's the show that showed me there were other amazing things on TV besides Friends.

Anyhoo, they'd been trying to get a movie made of the show since it was cancelled, since the show and the fans weren't given a proper conclusion to the story.  With studio execs being small-minded D-Bags, they didn't see the demand.  So they started a Kickstarter, raised a butt ton of money in a record breaking amount of time, and now come March - our favorite Teenage Detective will be taking the big screen as a butt-kicking lawyer.

It's gonna be awesome.  The entire cast is back for the movie, along with all the snarkiness fans expect.

Watch the trailer, and then check out this Buzzfeed article that breaks down all the amazing things about the trailer.

25 Best Parts of the Veronica Mars Trailer

See you at the theater!
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