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Posts from October 2013

I don't allow just ANYONE to sing Beyonce.  I'll let these guys though.

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Bondsy Lost to Andi so its only right for her to lose something as well...Her Di
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Stick Babies for Halloween...Amazeballs!!!
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Oh Ellen you Soooo Scary
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What do the Lights Say...
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HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Love this Show
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Sooooo Jacked about this FLIC!!!!
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Hip Hop With Sandra Bullock
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People: Sandra Bullock

Breaking News : Yuck
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Thank Goodness she Was Soooo Nimble
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Spooky or Dookie? What will Season 3 be?
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Real or Fake?
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How many Times Better will Anchorman 2 be than the 1st? I hope this many...
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So your cat wants a massage?
Cuz every kitty likes to be rubbed.

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Can I get a side of Bones with that Please?
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4/25 - Sarah @ Friendly Chevrolet 4-6p

4/26 - Bondsy @ Green Hyundai 10a-12p

4/26 - Stark @ Complete Nutrition 2-4p

4/26 - Ladies Night @ Marly's