Morning Grind Classics

Morning Grind Interviews

Interview with Laina - The Ultimate Beiber Fan

Her video went viral for a Justin Beiber YouTube contest, and we had Laina on for her first big time media interview since becoming a viral hit!
Check out the video here!

Interview with Iron-E Singleton

Bondsy interviews one of the stars of his favorite TV shows, AMC's The Walking Dead. Iron E plays T-Dog on the hit show.

Interview with Jamie Kennedy

Prior to a show at Donnie B's Comedy Club, we joked with Actor/Comedian Jamie Kennedy about everything from Man Crushes to Vajazzling!

Listener Emails

L.E. - I'm a Sarah Hater

Sarah gets her first piece of hate mail, and it is a doozy...

Re: Sarah Hater

Sarah gives her response to the Sarah Hater.

L.E. - Worked to Death

A listener's plea for help from the Morning Grind hits a little too close to home for C-Note...

L.E. - My Son May Be the Anti-Christ

One Listener's son has more than a few creepy things in common with the lore of the Antichrist...

L.E. - Poor Cnote

After a stunt, one listener wrote in to condemn the humiliation.  Obviously, that did nothing but fire people up...

L.E. - He Proposed On Christmas And...

Guys:  When you propose to a girl in front of all your friends and family, you'd better make sure she's gonna say yes.

L.E. - Katniss Lives

When you're naming your baby, how much influence should you let fictional characters have?

L.E. - Thanksgiving's About to Hit the Fan

A listener needs help navigating the holiday with her super conservative parents and her super liberal boyfriend.

Classic Convos

Bondsy's Baby Name Drama

Bondsy and Mrs. Bondsy can't decide on what to name their baby. So obviously we let the listeners pick...

You May Be Seriously Nuts...

What are some of the weird things you do that make you think you might be crazy?

Drive Thru Wait Time

How long are you willing to wait in a fast food drive thru?

Be the Opposite Sex For a Day

What would be at the top of your To Do list if you were the opposite sex for a day?

Can a Dude Compliment Another Dude??

How many compliments can one straight guy give to another straight guy without seeming like he's hitting on him?

Your Three People

Who would you pick to a) Be stuck in an elevator with; b) Be your celebrity BFF; and c) Have dinner and drinks with, dead or alive?

DON'T Call Your Gal Cute!

On the long list of compliments girls like to hear, "cute" is not one of them...

Character Lust

What cartoon characters do you wish were more than just a drawing?

Getting Fat Is Like Cheating

Bondsy thinks that getting fat once you're married isn't any better than cheating...

I'm the Other Girl

When you're knowingly the Other Woman, are you allowed to be sad when it doesn't work out?

Random Moments

Morning Grind Commencement Speeches

Since obviously none of us got to speak at our own graduations, we gave our versions of a commencement speech on-air...

Listener Ryan vs Cnote

For weeks we had Listener Ryan call in with anti-CNote poems.  One week, C-Note struck back...

Quit Being Mean To Bondsy

What started as an intervention ended in a 'Tell Us How Much You Love Us' session. Much needed!

Making Grown Men Scream Like Little Girls

A conversation about grown men getting scared gets real when Bondsy tells C-Note about the critter he let loose in the studio...

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4/18 - K-Fer @ Friendly Chevrolet 4-6p

4/19 - Sarah @ Friendly Chevrolet 10-12

4/23 - K-Fer @ Green Nissan 430-630p