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Spend your late nights with Jammer as he keeps the party rolling every weeknight 12-6a playing all your favorite music.

So...I’m Jammer or the Pajammers...obviously. I think it’s appropriate for you to get to know me...after all, you will be spending your night with me.
Where do I even begin!!! I’m 24, grew up in Chatham, and went to Glenwood. GO GLENWOOD!!!  I also went to Lincoln Land for a couple years. I love my jobs (past and present). I was a DJ at Skateland South for 5 years spinning the one and twos almost everyday..even on Sunday. I currently have three jobs...or four if you wanna count looking good as one. I’m an Ops Tech at WSEC-TV, and a Director at WICS-TV (push lots of buttons and act like I know what I’m doing)...busy guy I know!!
When I’m not on the air you’ll probably find me sleeping. If I’m not doing that I’m out and about chilling with people, mixing music, or jamskating (look it up).

So please...let me know you care by calling 241-KISS, e-mail me at jammer@997kissfm.com, or you can be my friend on Facebook!, even follow me on Twitter!

Out parting with some KISS-FM fans.

Boots and I


For real!! This is The Ostrich, a sleeping bag for your head, or as I see it...a way to end that long day at work and your life. I thought the snuggie was dumb. This totally takes that title now!!!!!
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