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C-Note Goes Where No Man Has Voluntarily Gone Before...

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08/10/2011 6:39PM
C-Note Goes Where No Man Has Voluntarily Gone Before...
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08/12/2011 10:29AM
that was bad
now we know why 103.7 WDBR is the best in town!! That was just not good.
08/12/2011 12:01PM
What a bad video
Why are you stealing all of Ray's old ideas? Get some new tricks and maybe you will have a better show! Or just let Sarah run it from now on. Videos and idea stealing is why I listen to Alice & DBR mornings and not KISS!
08/14/2011 9:13AM
If you don't like what Kiss does then don't listen! Nobody is forcing you to listen! Nor are they begging you for your dumb comments. Nobody asked for your opinion! Apparently you knew about it somehow because you got on this website and decided to put your stupid comments up here. If you want to listen to DBR then go post your stupid sh** on their website!
08/18/2011 9:31PM
Those are some powerful words there... Sounds like you really care about 997...
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