This is Cnote Fodizzle, born and raised here in the Capitol city, been in radio for fifteen years, also on our sister station, Sportsradio 1450.I am 45  and married, a holder of three college degrees, an Associates in General Education from Lincoln Land Community College and two B.A's in Political Studies and Communication from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Here's my philosphy about radio, radio to me is my life its who I am as a person. Thanks for listening to 997 KISS-FM.  Check out The Morning Grind with yours truly along with  Bondsy and Sarah Savannah weekday mornings 6 to 10 and I am your 2011 Best Local Character as voted by readers in the Illinois times.                                                                                                                                                         

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Folks, I gotta tell ya, well I must say in all fairness this sounds good indeed but the reality of this day and age when money blows this theory right out of the water and here's why. Having love and being in love is 110% Super Duper All Marvy but there are things called BILLS, when I say bills I am not talking about the ones that play in Buffalo either. You need the cashola action to buy them groceries, pay yo cable and or satellite bill, utilities, clothes and other assorted thangs. It also takes money to dine out at your favorite restaurant, get Cardinal, Cub or White Sox tickets, get gas for the mobile... oh my did I forget something? I did indeed. I forgot about those credit cards bills, not pleasant to look at much less pay. Using the card is as easy as pie but if these folks are not paid in a timely manner they will hound you like a mariachi band that follows you around all the time. I would rather have a mariachi band than those operators making one's life super rough. Now if you think that's bad try the loan company folks. They can be just like those credit card folks but much closer to home. And then there's the car payment. If that is not paid then the grim reaper... a.k.a Bank will be taking that car, truck or SUV off your hands.... DEFINITELY NOT GOOD. Once that unfortunate scenario happens, then you gotta rely on a cab, friends or the good ole SMTD to get you everywhere... BUMMER DUDE. Love is a good thang, a mighty good thang, don't rock it till you rock it. Its the best feeling in the world till it comes to them awful BUM bills because without the cashola, or as our Morning Grind bestieboo Liz Eckert once called it Pedros, you may just become homeless, carless, cableless and that lists goes on and on and on. Remember what C-Note says: Love is good but cash is better.

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05/08/2012 10:29AM
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