This is Cnote Fodizzle, born and raised here in the Capitol city, been in radio for fifteen years, also on our sister station, Sportsradio 1450.I am 45  and married, a holder of three college degrees, an Associates in General Education from Lincoln Land Community College and two B.A's in Political Studies and Communication from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Here's my philosphy about radio, radio to me is my life its who I am as a person. Thanks for listening to 997 KISS-FM.  Check out The Morning Grind with yours truly along with  Bondsy and Sarah Savannah weekday mornings 6 to 10 and I am your 2011 Best Local Character as voted by readers in the Illinois times.                                                                                                                                                         

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Whenever you hear me weekday mornings on The Morning Grind on 997 KISS-FM, you may think of me as a boob. Just because I do things differently than most people doesn't make me a boob. Just because I carry a hanky in my pocket doesn't make me a boob, old-fashioned by most but not a boob.  Just because I have set for myself a firmly-established routine doesn't make me a boob. Just because I eat soup year-round doesn't make me a boob. Now that we have established all of that, what is a boob? Its someone that is completely clueless to what's going on around them. Now I will say that I may not know the latest from the world of entertainment or current music at-times but I will say I AM NOT A BOOB.  Keep in mind that I am a local character, I do things on the show that fits the mold of what you, the listener thinks of as a local character which is why I won the 2011 " Best Local Character " by the readers of the Illinois Times. I thank you good-folks for that. Whenever one is in character, they are playing a role for a specific purpose which does not represent the person-in-question. I am in many ways just like you, I am raising a family, going to church on Sunday morning, paying bills which we all have to do that and buy groceries among other regular people things. For those of you that are new listeners I am a college graduate and held various types of jobs. On the education front, I hold an Associates degree from LLCC and two B.A's from the University of Illinois Springfield in Political Science and Communication respectively, I also learned radio broadcasting from what is now CACC( CAVC back in the day). In addition to my work on The Morning Grind and over on Sportsradio 1450, I once hosted and produced my own weekly radio show on 88.3 FM WQNA called WQNA Springfield Tonight. I produced this show for five years along with my other old show, Springfield Live . This show had the best in adult contemporary music, news and interviews with top newsmakers like Mayor Mike Houston and then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich. I also worked at Mc Donald's for eigh years, through ten General Managers, two stores, two owners and five St. Louis field consultants. I also worked as a school bus driver for a total of eleven years. In addition to radio, I currently work at the Dublin Pub on Wabash and at Steak and Shake in Prairie Crossing. I believe in working hard and being prepared in all the jobs I do. And remember what C-Note says: Just because someone acts like a boob doesn't mean they are...DUDE!

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