This is Cnote Fodizzle, born and raised here in the Capitol city, been in radio for fifteen years, also on our sister station, Sportsradio 1450.I am 45  and married, a holder of three college degrees, an Associates in General Education from Lincoln Land Community College and two B.A's in Political Studies and Communication from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Here's my philosphy about radio, radio to me is my life its who I am as a person. Thanks for listening to 997 KISS-FM.  Check out The Morning Grind with yours truly along with  Bondsy and Sarah Savannah weekday mornings 6 to 10 and I am your 2011 Best Local Character as voted by readers in the Illinois times.                                                                                                                                                         

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We all know about the now-famous song " Don't worry, Be Happy", now we all want to be happy do we not? Of course we do, and that includes yours truly too. Back in the day, I had my cable TV were I can watch MSNBC, The Weather Channel, Lifetime with all those great movies, especially on Sundays and channels like these. Also back in the day, I was able to watch that I like to watch like Titanic, CNN America Remembers documentary- A look back at the terrorist attacks of 9/11, then there was Airport 75, the A&E Titanic documentary, Seinfeld episodes on DVD and others. These days, due to financial constraints, I no longer have cable, but had satellite for a while back at the old place but could not afford to take it with us or afford it anymore in-general. I miss watching MSNBC, 20 NEWS, The Weather Channel, Lifetime and the like. Nowadays, its movies, movies and more movies. Don't get me wrong here folks, I like movies as much as the next guy but with no cable or satellite its a bit much which is why I listen to my boggie tunes on the I-Phone. Kid movies are good from time to time, but there was a time back at the old place where we were watching Harry Potter movies way too much. That was getting a little old after a while. The movies we are now watching are getting better but I still want internet on the family computer. Another thing I miss is more food and soda in the household. Folks, I gotta tell ya, I need MO MONEY for all this stuff and wanna watch more of my kind of movies. Come to think of it, I can now do that in the bedroom but gotta be home more first to do that. Remember what C-Note Says: When you got MO MONEY you can get MO stuff.... DUDE.

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In hot weather here in the heartland, one does not think about hoofin it anywhere. In this doggone heat, one would want to be in lots of air conditioning to keep cool. The last thing I wanted to do was to do any hoofin . I can understand if I was hoofin it for my customers at Steak and Shake or at the Dub, but never in my wildest dreams that I would have to hoof it from the station. I almost had to do it one but I got lucky that particular day. On the day-in- question, it was hotter than all get out and was expecting my mobile to be at the station at 10. I carried out my usual post-show routine and headed out the door and did not my mobile out on the parking lot. I then took a seat on the Neuhoff picnic table and the wait began. I was thinking my mobile was just around the corner and could hop in to get out of the searing heat. Then 10:05 came and went, no mobile. Meanwhile, I assumed it was the BNC that was picking me up but I was not told that sis took the mobile to work and was the one that was scheduled to pick me up when it came time for her break. Keep in mind that sis missed some days of work due to illness and was trying to get caught up on workstuff and skipped the usual break. It was not in sis's routine to come and pick me up on her break.... lets make that " Crystal Clear" as former President Richard Nixon used to say. Meanwhile back at the ranch, radio ranch that is, minus the swimming pools and movie stars of the Beverly Hillbillies, I was still waiting... 10:15 had come and gone and still no mobile in-sight. At this point in the game I was starting to become concerned and various scenarios started to marinate in the brain like a bill is getting paid, one of the kiddos got sick, something like that. Then, in Keeping the Faith, more than just a great song by Billy Joel, I looked around to the other side of the parking lot not seen from my vantagepoint at that time hoping the mobile was sitting there waiting for me but once again no mobile. Next time I looked at my watch it was 10:20 in the Capitol City and still no mobile. At this point, I was fed up in waiting so I decided to make the move I never thought I would have to make in my 16 years here at Neuhoff Media.... to start home hoofing it. I got up from the picnic table with my radio bag and began my journey. I made it out of the parking lot and hung a left onto 4th street and off I went. It felt weird leaving the station without my mobile but I was hoping the mobile would pull up at any point. I made it to the stop sign at 4th and Apple Orchard and looked around and still no mobile. I continued hoofing north on 4th street hoping to see my mobile but no luck. I made it all the way to the intersection of 4th and Stanford. Then I made a left onto Stanford and continued hoofing it but the walk to the overpass was most challenging due to the fact that the grass was sloped which made hoofing difficult. Just as I thought the hoofing would never end, just like a man in the desert I saw a mirage but unlike the man in the desert, mine was not a mirage but it was real. It was Bondsy on the move heading back toward the station and saw me HOOFING IT IN THE HEAT. Then he turned around and stopped to pick me up. Hoofin it in the heat was now replaced by " Hyundai Heaven". It felt good not to be hoofing and enjoy the AC of the" Bondsmobile". Then we arrived back at the apartment but the story does not end there. Once I got home, I did not have my keys with me and once I climbed the steps to get to my apartment, I jigged the handle hoping one of the kiddos would answer. With no answer I tried knocking, no luck. Then it turned into Sitting in the heat for about a half hour..... then the door opens and I walk in. The BNC was worried sick but I told her I was ok. She called sis to remind her to pick me up but with her workload, it slipped her mind, we're all human here folks. Then sis pops in and she was upset with herself but I was not mad in the least. Then the BNC and I returned sis back to work. Remember what C-Note Says: Its better to be in Hyundai Heaven than Hoofin it in the Heat.

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When we usually think of celebrities, we think about Hollywood stars, athletes, politicians and folks like these. What about those celebrities in your hometown... your TV newspeople, radio personalities, local car dealers and such. One would have a better chance of meeting and greeting a local celebrity than one of national or even international fame. The big-time celebrities seem like they are going out of their way to avoid having contact with their fans. They have the massive entourages and the security to boot. You couldn't reach out for a handshake with one of these folks if you tried. Local celebs, on the other hand, are regular folk who work hard at what they do each day plus they pay their bills, and not done by a team of accountants plus we have no security like the big stars. We can move about the community without being mobbed like our Hollywood counterparts and the freedom to enjoy our family and friends without the paparozzi or Entertainment Tonight checking out our every move. Your local celebrities are, for the most part, are more approachable even though some folks out there see a local celeb on the move but are a bit shy to make a approach. Those of us that are local celebrities wanna talk to you and get to know you. You good folks are our friends and neighbors. We are just like you in every regard because we put our pants on one leg at a time and our socks on one foot at a time. And my female celeb friends put their nylons on the same as you. We also make those grocery store trips, get gas, make those car notes, pay rent just like you do. Hollywood types don't do any of that stuff. Being a celebrity, whether as a big-time one or here locally is a priviledge and not a right. We have a responsibility to satisfy our fans because without you who would we be? On a point of personal priviledge I enjoy the time I meet and greet your folks, especially at parade time whether St. Patties, State Fair or Christmas parade I am glad and humbled to see all you supporting us. You know you have made it as a local celebrity when people recognize your voice before one gives any indication of their celebrity status. People recognize me most from 997 KISS-FM but some also hear me after my post-game wrap-ups on Sportsradio 1450. Wherever I am at, you can greet me anytime, loving talking to you all. Remember what C-Note says: It takes a lot to become a celebrity but its harder to enjoy the fruits and priviledges that go along with it.
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In life there are things we miss in life like friends, our first car, our first love just to name a few. As a human being I am no exception to that rule because there are things in my life that I miss. I miss being a school bus driver expecially when I did those out of town charter trips with our local teams, I miss my car being as clean as it used to be but I need to be more dilligent on that. I also miss getting my oil changed every 3,000 miles but it was hard for me to do that in the winter because my money was lower in the winter months than in the spring and summer months. With my money situation now the cash has to go for more than just the car payment, oil changes, chow at Ryan's and other extras. Today, the money has to go for rent, utilities, loans, car payment, and things like these. I miss gas being cheaper where I can fill my tank every payday instead of here and there. I also miss just the two jobs but needed a third to get the bills paid. But I really miss the days when I can hang out on the couch and watch lots of MSNBC and eat at Ryan's twice a week. The one thing I don't miss is the old church but love my new church, Cherry Hills. I miss shakin booty but would still like to do that from time to time.  Remember what C-Note Says: When you are single one is fancy free, but when you are married it makes a man out of you and makes you take more responsibility.

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We have heard about two for the price of one, buy one, get one free types of offers. These all sound good but back in the day, it would have been even sweeter to have two girlfriends. Both women would have to be opposites in some way. One of them would have to be a shake-booty type that likes high heel shoes, especially stilettos and spandex and the other would be more of an intellectual where you can discuss issues of the day with her plus be able to shake some booty on occasion. One would want both to do well in the romance department because it would suck big-time if one of the ladies was better than the other in that arena. I would like both to own some form of automobile, I don't care whether its a car, truck, van or SUV. The nicer the vehilcle the better. Even if the vehicle-in-question was a hooptie job, as long as she has has a car and both have jobs whether full or part-time. It would be ideal if one or both worked for one of the " Five Sisters".... St John's, Memorial, Horace Mann, Franklin Life( Now AIG American General) or the state but for both to have jobs is sweet.Remember what C-Note says: If a woman works, its all right with me... and if its at one of the " Five Sisters", sweeter baby.


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Summertime is finally here, schools out, graduations are now in the books and summer vacations are now getting into the swing of things. But there's one thing about summer that stands out and that's baseball. Opportunities to check out your favorite teams are there whether its the Cardinals, Cubs or White Sox. But if you cannot afford to drive to St. Louis or Chicago, check out the major baseball stars of tomorrow by attending a Springfield Sliders game at beautiful Robin Roberts Stadium( Lanphier Park to us old-timers). In baseball, the players use the bats to make contact with the balls which makes the game the " Great American Pastime". As fans of the game, it would be hard to sit through all nine innings of ball without some kind of food or even taking a brief pause. In the other team sports.... Basketball, Football and Hockey, those sports are dictated by a clock and they have a halftime in the middle portion of the contest, but the NHL calls it intermission. In baseball there's no clock or intermission but there's the 7th inning stretch which is as close as baseball gets to halftime. At a ball game, you can enjoy hot dogs, brats, nachos, burgers and the like. There's also beer to wash it down with and you can enjoy it all throughout the game. You can really enjoy your beer and brats without always having to be on the edge of your seat for that one big play which is something you would have to worry about in other sports.
             Remember what C-Note Says: Summer is no fun without the B's, and I don't mean the kind that sting either.
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Summertime is almost upon us with the weather feeling almost summerlike here in the Land of Lincoln, school for the area colleges is done for the most part( excluding summer semester) and the K-12 kiddos will be out of school shortly and summer is also the time of year when families take their big summer vacations.
But there's one thing we all enjoy whether we're married or single. They are the various county fairs and other type festivals like Decatur Celebration. These fairs offer rides for the kids, great food, adult beverages, entertainment, ag exhibits and competitions. Plus the county fair pagents are a absolute delight. The county fairs from throughout the state culminate with the Illinois State Fair which kicks off with the twilight parade which is " All Marvy" whether you are a spectator or as a participant. The state fair is like one big county fair but with more food, rides, ag exhibits and my personal favorite the Tram ride. Its a good way to check out the fairgrounds without having to do all that walking. Before 7 in the evening during the run of the fair is a trip inside Conservation World. An old tradition returns to your Illinois State Fair and that's Happy Hollow. I am glad that Fair Manager Amy Bliefnick is bring back this fair tradition. And who can forget the grandstand shows, great acts every night, for tickets call 782-1979.  Remember what C-Note Says- I wonder if the Tram ride will have to be rerouted now that Happy Hollow is back?
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Folks, I gotta tell ya, well I must say in all fairness this sounds good indeed but the reality of this day and age when money blows this theory right out of the water and here's why. Having love and being in love is 110% Super Duper All Marvy but there are things called BILLS, when I say bills I am not talking about the ones that play in Buffalo either. You need the cashola action to buy them groceries, pay yo cable and or satellite bill, utilities, clothes and other assorted thangs. It also takes money to dine out at your favorite restaurant, get Cardinal, Cub or White Sox tickets, get gas for the mobile... oh my did I forget something? I did indeed. I forgot about those credit cards bills, not pleasant to look at much less pay. Using the card is as easy as pie but if these folks are not paid in a timely manner they will hound you like a mariachi band that follows you around all the time. I would rather have a mariachi band than those operators making one's life super rough. Now if you think that's bad try the loan company folks. They can be just like those credit card folks but much closer to home. And then there's the car payment. If that is not paid then the grim reaper... a.k.a Bank will be taking that car, truck or SUV off your hands.... DEFINITELY NOT GOOD. Once that unfortunate scenario happens, then you gotta rely on a cab, friends or the good ole SMTD to get you everywhere... BUMMER DUDE. Love is a good thang, a mighty good thang, don't rock it till you rock it. Its the best feeling in the world till it comes to them awful BUM bills because without the cashola, or as our Morning Grind bestieboo Liz Eckert once called it Pedros, you may just become homeless, carless, cableless and that lists goes on and on and on. Remember what C-Note says: Love is good but cash is better.
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Its May already, and when we think of happenings in this month we traditionally think of The Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500. Both events don't have the same media hype as they once did but are still part of the annual May rite of passage. But there is a growing May tradition that is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds across the country and that's Cinco De Mayo. The origins of it do not orginate in the United States but south of the border in Mexico. This holiday is now close to being right up there with The Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500 in that May rite of passage. In America, we are the melting pot of cultures just like a good Vegetable Soup with all the ingredients lumped in makes us the envy of the world, mighty tasty too. This Saturday( May 5th) is Cinco De Mayo. Its our tradition here at 997 KISS-FM to celebrate on this day. Bondsy will be broadcasting live from Los Rancheros from 3-5 but the event everyone waits for with baded breath is the annual Tequilla shot by yours truly does each year. I remember the first ever Tequilla shot I done andn it was incredible indeed. I still remember that one. Some folks may not remember their Cinco De Mayo experience because how much one is drinking the day and into the evening. To really enjoy the day and maximize your fun enjoy the delicious chow at Los Rancheros. Some folks may not remember their Cinco De Mayo experience but with the Tequilla shot, its a memory that lasts a lifetime.  Remember what C-Note Says: That Tequilla shot.... Its wild DUDE.
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Whenever you hear me weekday mornings on The Morning Grind on 997 KISS-FM, you may think of me as a boob. Just because I do things differently than most people doesn't make me a boob. Just because I carry a hanky in my pocket doesn't make me a boob, old-fashioned by most but not a boob.  Just because I have set for myself a firmly-established routine doesn't make me a boob. Just because I eat soup year-round doesn't make me a boob. Now that we have established all of that, what is a boob? Its someone that is completely clueless to what's going on around them. Now I will say that I may not know the latest from the world of entertainment or current music at-times but I will say I AM NOT A BOOB.  Keep in mind that I am a local character, I do things on the show that fits the mold of what you, the listener thinks of as a local character which is why I won the 2011 " Best Local Character " by the readers of the Illinois Times. I thank you good-folks for that. Whenever one is in character, they are playing a role for a specific purpose which does not represent the person-in-question. I am in many ways just like you, I am raising a family, going to church on Sunday morning, paying bills which we all have to do that and buy groceries among other regular people things. For those of you that are new listeners I am a college graduate and held various types of jobs. On the education front, I hold an Associates degree from LLCC and two B.A's from the University of Illinois Springfield in Political Science and Communication respectively, I also learned radio broadcasting from what is now CACC( CAVC back in the day). In addition to my work on The Morning Grind and over on Sportsradio 1450, I once hosted and produced my own weekly radio show on 88.3 FM WQNA called WQNA Springfield Tonight. I produced this show for five years along with my other old show, Springfield Live . This show had the best in adult contemporary music, news and interviews with top newsmakers like Mayor Mike Houston and then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich. I also worked at Mc Donald's for eigh years, through ten General Managers, two stores, two owners and five St. Louis field consultants. I also worked as a school bus driver for a total of eleven years. In addition to radio, I currently work at the Dublin Pub on Wabash and at Steak and Shake in Prairie Crossing. I believe in working hard and being prepared in all the jobs I do. And remember what C-Note says: Just because someone acts like a boob doesn't mean they are...DUDE!
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