This is Cnote Fodizzle, born and raised here in the Capitol city, been in radio for fifteen years, also on our sister station, Sportsradio 1450.I am 45  and married, a holder of three college degrees, an Associates in General Education from Lincoln Land Community College and two B.A's in Political Studies and Communication from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Here's my philosphy about radio, radio to me is my life its who I am as a person. Thanks for listening to 997 KISS-FM.  Check out The Morning Grind with yours truly along with  Bondsy and Sarah Savannah weekday mornings 6 to 10 and I am your 2011 Best Local Character as voted by readers in the Illinois times.                                                                                                                                                         

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When we usually think of celebrities, we think about Hollywood stars, athletes, politicians and folks like these. What about those celebrities in your hometown... your TV newspeople, radio personalities, local car dealers and such. One would have a better chance of meeting and greeting a local celebrity than one of national or even international fame. The big-time celebrities seem like they are going out of their way to avoid having contact with their fans. They have the massive entourages and the security to boot. You couldn't reach out for a handshake with one of these folks if you tried. Local celebs, on the other hand, are regular folk who work hard at what they do each day plus they pay their bills, and not done by a team of accountants plus we have no security like the big stars. We can move about the community without being mobbed like our Hollywood counterparts and the freedom to enjoy our family and friends without the paparozzi or Entertainment Tonight checking out our every move. Your local celebrities are, for the most part, are more approachable even though some folks out there see a local celeb on the move but are a bit shy to make a approach. Those of us that are local celebrities wanna talk to you and get to know you. You good folks are our friends and neighbors. We are just like you in every regard because we put our pants on one leg at a time and our socks on one foot at a time. And my female celeb friends put their nylons on the same as you. We also make those grocery store trips, get gas, make those car notes, pay rent just like you do. Hollywood types don't do any of that stuff. Being a celebrity, whether as a big-time one or here locally is a priviledge and not a right. We have a responsibility to satisfy our fans because without you who would we be? On a point of personal priviledge I enjoy the time I meet and greet your folks, especially at parade time whether St. Patties, State Fair or Christmas parade I am glad and humbled to see all you supporting us. You know you have made it as a local celebrity when people recognize your voice before one gives any indication of their celebrity status. People recognize me most from 997 KISS-FM but some also hear me after my post-game wrap-ups on Sportsradio 1450. Wherever I am at, you can greet me anytime, loving talking to you all. Remember what C-Note says: It takes a lot to become a celebrity but its harder to enjoy the fruits and priviledges that go along with it.

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