This is Cnote Fodizzle, born and raised here in the Capitol city, been in radio for fifteen years, also on our sister station, Sportsradio 1450.I am 45  and married, a holder of three college degrees, an Associates in General Education from Lincoln Land Community College and two B.A's in Political Studies and Communication from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Here's my philosphy about radio, radio to me is my life its who I am as a person. Thanks for listening to 997 KISS-FM.  Check out The Morning Grind with yours truly along with  Bondsy and Sarah Savannah weekday mornings 6 to 10 and I am your 2011 Best Local Character as voted by readers in the Illinois times.                                                                                                                                                         

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Oh really... not that bad you say, I gotta tell ya for some it really ain't that bad because some people are bums, they don't wanna work, complain how horrible their jobs are and can't wait to get off. These are the kinds of folk that don't mind being homeless. For others, it just happens because of a loss of a job which causes these folks to get behind on their mortgage and are forced out onto the streets. For yours truly, being homeless is something I do not have to worry about, came close though but I took control of the situation and got results. If it wasn't for getting results in a timely manner, I would be like those bums who for whatever reason don't mind being in a homeless state. If its your cup of coffee, tea or milk then go for it. The good news is we are getting ready to move soon but into a better place and not on the streets of our Capitol City. Being homeless ain't too bad... depends on who you talk to I guess.

Remember what C-Note says: being homeless ain't that bad, that is if you are a bummmmmmmmm.

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03/27/2012 10:15AM
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