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When it comes to the holiday season, we think about getting presents for family and friends plus we plot strategy for Black Friday to be first in the store to get all the goodies and sometimes act like crazed dogs when going after purchases. We would never act this way any other time of year but those who are less fortunate cannot afford to do Black Friday or Cyber Monday or even shop for that matter. Those less fortunate cannot afford to buy the mega-big screen TV's, computers or any of the things we take for granted purchasing. Its not just the homeless that need help but its ordinary working families that are trying despartely to make ends meet. These folks are not only trying to provide their families a good christmas but struggle each day to provide food for their families. Food pantries are now stretched to the limit with the demand for food increasing each and every year. More donations are needed to meet this demand but there are way we can help: First, drop some change in the Salvation Army kettels. You don't need a lot of money to drop in, just a little goes a long way. Second, donate old clothing, shoes, coats, etc to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. You can do this at their locations or for Goodwill, they have a new donation center on Toronto Road where you can donate items. On Christmas Day, after we do all that shopping, unwrap presents and have dinner, there is still another way to help the less fortunate; heading to places like the St. John's Breadline to serve hot meals for those folks that can't otherwise have that Christmas meal. We don't think of our lives as being paradise but Phil Collins in a song described our typical lives as " Another Day in Paradise". We may complain and moan about our lives but we don't really know how good we have it until you don't have it anymore. We all are a job or two away from being either being unemployed or homeless or both. We cannot say it won't happen to me because the very time one says that... it can. Next time you see a Salvation Army kettel make sure you put in a donation every time you see it because the very person that may have to use those resources is you.


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12/04/2011 4:19PM
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