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The legendary singer Frank Sinatra was the kind of guy who basicially did this his way... he could after all which few people cannot. I recently started a diet to lose weight because when my weight got all the way up to 310 lbs in 2008, I knew something had to be done. I lost some once I got up that high but my calorie intake was still high. I started exercising twice a week at Fit Club, I was at 294 lbs and the body had lots of fat. Working with the good folks at Fit Club, I have been losing weight since I have been working out twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. I went from 294 when I started to 281 as of my last weigh in. When we think of typical diets we think about eating all the healthy stuff which is good but when you work a second job like Steak and Shake, for example one burns a ton of calories because as a busser I am always on the move clearing off tables and setting them up plus cleaning the dining room in the afternoon as well as the bathrooms.
It takes a ton of calories to maintain the workstyle I have there to deliver my 100% best to my customers. I started keeping a journal of my calorie intake but i've found that that count can be rather high which explains the slow weight gain through the years. I went from 165 as a freshman at Southeast to 310 years later. My high calories would still be bad if I just sat around but at Steak and Shake, I am always on the move burning those calories. Having a low-calorie diet is good if you wanna take the weight off rapidly in a short amount of time. I am taking it off slowly because if I need to buy new or newer clothes, I could afford it then. Buying belts is the biggie because I started out in a size 44 belt, now down to a 42 and will have to go to a forty soon. As for the calories and the foods I eat, I make it healthy but I also make it realistic because I don't want to tire out during a Steak and Shake day which is why I have the high calories plus I work out burns some of them. Most people take the weight off super quick, I will take it off slowly but surely... My way, The C-Note way, the only way I know and it works for me.

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10/15/2010 10:35AM
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