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I love callers that are funny and lively, so hit me up at 241-KISS and let's conversate. Maybe make things weird, but not if it will get one or both of us arrested.

Crack open a beer, pop your bottle of champagne, pour a glass of wine--

Where It All Began

In the Southwest Chicago suburbs, born and raised, at the playground was where I spent most of my days (really, though). I was a kid that loved being outdoors, and I still do. I like to go camping every weekend that I have free in the Summer and Spring time. I played soccer growing up, sang in all the choirs in Middle School and High School, then went on to U of I in Urbana-Champaign to study Psychology! I wanted to become a Criminal Psychologist and work with serial killers in jail. And no, I'm not even kidding a little bit. So how did I get into radio? Glad you asked 'cause it's weird!

Radio Owns Me

I worked at Potbelly Sandwich Works on campus in Champaign, and a dude walked in to get a sandwich. I made small-talk while making his food and found out he worked at the radio station across the street (which I was too blind to notice was even there). It was called WPGU, and it was an Alternative Rock station, which is the music I grew up listening to. I found out he was a Computer Science major, so I asked if that meant I could work there, and he was like, "We have an Info Night next week. You're coming." So, I went, got the unpaid job, and worked there for my last two years of college. I got really good at it, I really enjoyed it, and it was more fun than talking to serial killers all day. In the meantime, I also started recording for WDNL in Danville, and the Program Director over there got me in contact with Bondsy himself, which is where KISS comes into the picture. WEIRD HOW LIFE WORKS OUT, RIGHT? I love my life. I love my job. I couldn't be happier. Unless, of course, I lived by the mountains. Then my life would be complete.

What Kinds of Things Do I Like?

I'm going to make a list, 'cause that's just less boring to read:

Folk and Jam Music Festivals (The small ones are the best ones.)
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Disaronno and Coca Cola (TRY THIS. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.)
Adventure Time
Breaking Bad
Arrested Development
Bob's Burgers (This show kills me. Every time.)
Lords of Dogtown
Olympus Has Fallen
Aziz Ansari


Want to Get to Know Me More?

Find me on Facebook and Twitter, or listen to me LIVE on the air!

Facebook: K-Fer Kissfm
Twitter: @KFerKissFM
E-mail: kfer@997kissfm.com
On-Air: Monday-Friday, 7pm-Midnight 

Posts from February 2014

Amazing eyeliner trick!
Spoons are great.
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CoverGirl's new commercial. #GirlsCan
This is so inspiring for females. CoverGirl is KILLIN' ITTTTT!!!

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Kevin Richardson--The Lion Whisperer
What an incredible life.
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I wish my dog was this chill during a bath.
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Like hashtags? Watch this.
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Jonah Hill and Jimmy Fallon have a conversation with hashtags, and it's hilarious.
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Dad surprises his daughter after being in Afghanistan.
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I wish it was summer. Here's a wiener dog almost killing people with fireworks.
I don't know why everyone was laughing. I would've been screaming.
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This chick's got some confidence.
I admire this chick for going so hard and feeling the music. I'd give her a high-five.
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This dog is a BOSSSS.
Watch what this dog casually does when his owner gets back.
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Up close and personal with Bruno Mars.
Unplugged and amazing.
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Mountain Dew has more fun.
I hope one day I'm cool enough to have a giant pool slide that launches me into my over-sized party pool.
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Caught red-handed.
These guilty faces will make you want to cry.
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If you didn't know, I love dogs. This compilation will have you peeing yourself.
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Topics: Human Interest

PLEASE Tell Me You Know Marcel.
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This is one of the most ridiculously adorable videos I've ever seen.
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Topics: Human Interest

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/WNvG5WeFphk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This dad knows what's up.
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